Destinations : 4 axes

North the Saône (and the Little Saône)

Direction Auxonne - Pontailler-sur-Saône - Gray

The charms of sailing on an authentic, wild river, in contact with nature.Few locks to pass (automatic locks)Departments crossed: Côte d'Or (21) & Haute Saône (70)The river is wide enough for easy navigation, simple for beginners.The Saône crosses many small villagesAuxonne (18km) Pontailler (36km) round trip on 1 weekendGray: 65 km on the Saône, pleasant round trip over 5 days.

Yellow dots: the ports
* Blue dots: the locks

To the East : the Saône and the Canal from Rhône to Rhin

Direction : Choisey - Dole - Besançon 

After 5 km on the Saône, you take on the right by the lock of Saint-Symphorien-sur-Saône. The VNF agent (Waterways of France) will explain the navigation on this channel, and he will entrust you with a remote control to trigger the passages of locks on your arrival. It will tell you the classified area «Seveso» related to the Solvay plant. It is forbidden to park and photograph on this 5km area, which has 3 locks. You have to be prepared to pass these 3 locks before any stop.

Then you will enjoy the charms of the Jura. You can visit the city of Dole, and possibly go to Besançon. In this city, the canal makes a loop, and allows you to start again in the other direction.

The Jura, typical, warm, seen from the canal with some passages on the Doubs...

Departments crossed: Côte d'Or - Jura - Doubs

Dole (23km) round trip on 1 weekend

Besançon: 75 km on the Saône, pleasant round trip over 5 and 7 days

To the West: The Burgundy Canal

Direction : Aiserey - Dijon - Pont de Pany - Pouilly-en-Auxois

The Canal de Bourgogne allows you to reach Dijon, and if you have time, then discover the valley of the Ouche, until reaching Pouilly-en-Auxois. The locks are numerous, close, and are manual. You will be accompanied by VNF agents who will maneuver each lock as you pass. The Ouche valley is a wonder of welcoming nature, to discover.

Department crossed: Côte d'Or by the Ouche valley
Aiserey (17km) Dijon (30km) round trip on 1 weekend
Pont d'Ouche (69 km) round trip possible over 7 days
Pouilly-en-Auxois (87 km) round trip possible on 12/14 days

SOUTH: the Saône & the Canal du centre

Direction Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, Chalon, Chagny

Going down the Saône, you will cross the south of the Côte d'Or, to arrive in Saône-et-Loire.Only 2 locks to arrive on Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, then Chalon-sur-Saône. If you wish to continue, the Canal du Centre will take you through part of the Grands Crus of Burgundy to Chagny. Traditional Burgundy, to the rhythm of the locks more numerous on the Canal du Centre.

Departments crossed : Côte d'Or - Saône & Loire

Verdun sur le Doubs (35km) Chalon-sur-Saône (60km) round trip on 1 weekend
Chagny (77 km) on the Saône, pleasant round trip in 5/7 days